Special Announcement!

Although the awarding of appointment letters to the National Diploma holders in National Education who are to be appointed to the Schools of Western Provincial Council  was scheduled to take place on two days before 2022.05.02 and 2022.05.03, it is kindly informed that it has been decided to hand over all the appointment letters on 2022.05.02.

Therefore, I further invite all appointees to come to the 2nd floor of the new Provincial Council Office Complex at Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha to get the appointment on 02.05.2022 at the same time as on 03.05.2022 in the list.

Issuance of 3-1 (b) Teacher Appointments in the Sri Lanka Teachers’ Service for Diploma holders of National Education who have successfully completed their training in the National Colleges of Education for the 2017/2019 academic year

The list of National Diploma in Education Diploma holders to be appointed as teachers in the schools of Western Provincial Council  and the places to come to get the appointments are given in the instruction paper. Accordingly, I invite you to come and get the appointments on 20.02.2022.

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