Recruitment of National Diploma Holders – Teaching Science to Sri Lanka Teacher Service Grade 3 -1 (B) -2020

Under the aforementioned programme, the awarding of appointments to the appointees attached to the Western Provincial Council is scheduled to be held at New Western Provincial Council Office Complex as mentioned below.

Date    : 18.01.2021

Venue : New Auditorium – Western Provincial Council

Time   :

Tamil / English Medium Appointees Should reach the respective place and be seated by 9.00am
Sinhala Medium Appointees Should reach the respective place and be seated by 11.30am

List of appointees




*** Appointees coming to Western Provincial Council to take delivery of appointments should adhere to the following instructions.

  • Appointees should make their presence only on the given time on 18.01.2021. In case of failure to come to receive the appointment on the above date under any circumstance, a date and a specific time should be allocated to collect the appointment by contacting these numbers. 0112093136/0112092883
  • The exact appointee should make his/her presence in order to collect the Appointment Letter. No any other party is allowed to receive the Appointment Letter under any circumstance.
  • Further, only the appointee is granted permission to enter the office complex and no any other party coming with him/her will be allowed to enter the office premises on any account.
  • Bringing the National Identity Card or a valid Identity Card (Passport/Driving License) is compulsory when coming to collect the Appointment Letter.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, it is compulsory for all the appointees to take all possible safety measures and wear a mask adhering to proper health practices.
  • It is advisable to keep a BLUE or BLACK pen in your possession to be used when dealing with respective documentary work.
  • Dress Code – An appropriate outfit
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